Advances in Picnicking

| March 23, 2011

There is something idyllic about the thought of a picnic basket.  It brings to mind warm, breezy days spent outdoors with family and loved ones.  These baskets have been around for ages, and their main purpose has always been to make dining in the out of doors as comfortable and convenient as possible.  The picnic baskets in your memory may not be anything like the picnic baskets of today, however.  The thought of one probably brings to mind a little wicker picnic basket with flaps on the top and handles for carrying.  While this is still generally true, because picnic baskets will probably always remain the same, there is so much more to these dinner carriers than ever before.

While once there was only a basket and whatever you might fill it with, these baskets are now top of the line.  You can get different sizes for different needs, but what really sets them apart now are the accessories.  You can get great sets with full dish settings, silverware, and even glassware.  There really is a different picnic pack for just about any need, too.  If romance is on your mind, you can find many baskets with detachable wine duffels and real glass stemware.  For church or family outings, you can find basket sets with plenty of room, lots of insulation, and any utensils you might need.

There’s not a thing you could think of that you won’t be able to find in the latest wicker picnic baskets.  These are really set to make any outing a success.  Though you can find traditional styles, a lot of them are now made of durable materials and can keep foods hot or cold for hours.  The accessories don’t just stop at knives and forks, either.  These new basket sets could include cutting boards, cheese knives, corkscrews, and bottle stoppers.  Larger sets could include all of the equipment you could possibly think of for barbecuing, except maybe the grill.

No matter what your planned outings, you will find the perfect basket for your needs.  There really is a pack, cooler, or wicker picnic basket for any possibility you might think of, including an afternoon of romance, family fun, or a church softball tournament.  You and your family can develop a serious love for eating in the out of doors, especially when these new baskets make it so easy to always have everything at hand.


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