Are Picnic Totes a Good Solution for You?

| March 20, 2011

Picnics can be romantic, they can be excuses for family fun and they can be relaxing sojourns away from the rigors of the modern world. However, enjoying these outings as you should means that you need to have the right equipment and supplies. While most people will automatically assume that a basket is required here, picnic totes are an increasingly popular option. Why is this? What benefits to you gain from a tote, as opposed to a standard basket?

Easily Handled

Anyone who has ever carried a heavily laden basket for any length of time knows that they can be quite unwieldy if overloaded. In addition, some people prefer something a bit more comfortable than hard wicker handles. Therefore, picnic totes can be a bit more easily handled. You’ll find traditional tote bag designs, somewhat similar to beach bags and the like.

However, you’ll also find specialty bags that are designed to be used in conjunction with baskets. For instance, you will find bottle bags designed to hold several bottles of your favorite vintage. You will also find coffee and blanket bags, as well as wine and cheese options.

Colors and Styles

While wicker baskets are available in different shades, colors and accent patterns, you will find that picnic totes are a bit more vibrant. You’ll find bight solid colors, bold patterns, elegant fabrics and more. This gives you a great way to accessorize even with your supplies and picnicking equipment. Of course, the number of different styles is also of benefit here. You’ll find baby tote bags, as well as basket bags and bamboo bags, all of which offer a different look and feel.


Often, the choice to use a tote boils down to simple convenience. Is it easier to carry a bag or a basket? Is it simpler to store a bag or a basket in your home? Picnic totes can usually be folded up and stored away in a smaller area than a basket can, so even if you prefer the look and feel of a traditional basket, a tote might be a better idea if you have limited storage space at home.

As a final note, you should also consider the accessories that come with any tote you consider. While some are sold empty, others are available with plates, cups, silverware and other accessories that can make your life easier.


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