Choosing Different Coolers for Your Picnic

| March 14, 2011

When you’re heading out to a picnic, keeping your drinks cold is probably one of the most important things on your mind.  Picnics mostly take place during the warm summer months, so finding a way to keep everything on ice is something you’ll need to think about.  You’ll also need to keep in mind that cold foods should stay cold, especially if there is a chance of them spoiling.  To make all of this happen, you will need to consider insulated coolers to add to your picnic supplies.

If you’re seriously considering insulated coolers for your picnic needs, you’ll need to know a bit about what’s available.  For a smaller dinner with just you and someone special, you won’t need anything big at all.  You can find wine coolers that are perfect for a romantic evening, or you can buy smaller insulated coolers that just carry a couple of drinks.  The smaller coolers are often easy to carry, but you can buy them in backpack form if you need to carry several at a time.  These pack style coolers are lined with insulation and carry an ice pack to keep everything inside cold.

If you find that you need something bigger, there is no need to go for the huge plastic cooler of old.  The new insulated coolers are made of lightweight materials, even when they’re large enough to tote two dozen drinks along.  The lightweight, flexible material means that your cooler will be even easier for you to carry.  The larger ones often have wheels and a long handle to make rolling it behind you easy.  This is exceptionally useful if you have a large group of people or you plan to walk quite a distance before settling down to enjoy your meal.

For those that have the luxury of driving directly to the picnic spot or enjoying the food and drink out of the back of a truck, you certainly can consider the traditional ice chest.  These insulated coolers are the best for longer days in the summer sun, because they can keep your drinks cold for several hours at a time.  They’re also great for keeping any frozen foods, like ice cream or popsicles, in ice form until you’re ready to eat them.  No matter what your needs, you can find the perfect insulated coolers.  Never again worry about the cold foods and drinks for your picnic!


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