Choosing Personal Lunch Coolers

| March 14, 2011

Have you ever tried to take your lunch with you to work or school in the iconic brown bag? If you have access to a refrigerator, this may work out ok for you, but often the bag will get soggy and your food could even be ruined. If you do not have access to a refrigerator, then the brown bag will do nothing to keep your food and drink cold. There is nothing worse than drinking a room temperature soda with a warm sandwich. The best idea is to choose from personal lunch coolers. These bags are made specifically for keeping lunches warm or cold for several hours so that you can enjoy your lunch as it is meant to be.

The first thing you will want to consider when choosing personal lunch coolers is, of course, insulation. These coolers should include enough insulation so that your food and drink can stay the temperature it should. Often, these coolers can be packed with an ice pack as a supplement, but they should stand well on their own.

You should also consider size and shape. Many of the lunch coolers include just enough room for a small lunch. Others are designed to include a lunch as well as a beverage or two. You will need to decide how often you will use the lunch cooler and how much food you will need to include. Be sure to err on the side of too large rather than too small coolers unless you want to go hungry through the day just because you did not have enough space for your lunch.

Of course, since you will be carrying these coolers every day, you will want to consider look. Often, personal lunch coolers are designed in a number of different colors and looks, from flashy to understated. Some of them resemble a bag while others resemble a tote. Consider the look that you like best and keep in mind that you will be carrying the cooler every day. You may even want to buy a couple with different designs so that you can mix them up from day to day.

When you want to make sure you can truly enjoy a good lunch every day, lunch coolers are a good option since they can go a long way to making sure your food and beverage stay the right temperature. You can stop using the brown bag and use one of these insulated coolers just by picking out the one you like best.


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