Choosing The Perfect Picnic Baskets For A Romantic Meal

| March 13, 2011

Few date ideas are as classic and romantic as an old fashioned picnic. Who doesn’t love packing up a lovely meal, spreading a blanket and eating in an elegant park, or beach to watch the waves roll in and out, or on a hill overlooking a gorgeous scene? Of course, some of the romance can be ruined if you bring the picnic meal in a plastic grocery store bag with a couple of Tupperware containers— and it’s worse if you forget to bring the silverware.

To help ensure you don’t turn an opportunity for love into a hot mess, here are some tips to help you choose the right picnic baskets and fool proof your date.

Get Something All Inclusive

Eating with your fingers can be romantic, but only when your date has the choice to eat with utensils if they want, or they have been given proper warning. It’s all too easy to forget to pack important things like eating and serving utensils, dishes, and a bottle opener in the excitement of planning for such a fun and romantic outing— so don’t get caught unprepared. There are a number of picnic baskets for two that come with everything you need, down to a wine and cheese service, if that’s what you need. These picnic baskets ensure that when it comes to the romantic moment of popping open the basket, you’re not embarrassed by being unprepared.

Choose Picnic Baskets That Fit Your Style

While wicker with red and white checked gingham is the traditional classic look for picnic baskets, it’s far from the only option. Whether you prefer a flat top basket with an aluminum frame, collapsible fabric frames, round or squared picnic baskets, there are a wide variety of beautiful baskets on the market to help you make a truly memorable afternoon or evening. Most quality picnic baskets come with coordinating cloth lining that can really take a normal looking cloth, metal, or wicker basket and make it look like something special.

There is a reason that the romantic picnic has endured for so many years as a perfect date activity— it’s private, it’s intimate, and the view is always amazing. Why go to a restaurant and chance bad service or food, crowds or a loud ambiance when it’s easy to take the beauty and grandeur of the Great Outdoors and turn it into a restaurant— and you’ve always got the best seats in the house.


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