Choosing The Perfect Picnic Totes

| March 20, 2011

Shopping for picnic totes can be surprisingly difficult, since there is such a huge variety of styles, sizes, and options to choose from when it’s time to buy. Figuring out which of the picnic totes best meets your needs is understandably daunting, so here are a couple of simple questions to ask yourself in order to make the purchasing process a bit easier.

What Will You Use It For?

Of course if you’re looking at picnic totes, you probably already have picnics in the park dancing through your head. But if you ever have the chance, it’s always better to buy objects which can be used for multiple tasks, so think about other things in your life that you could use picnic totes to help with. If you like to use reusable bags at the grocery store, bring your lunch to work or school, bring snacks on long road trips or bring drinks or additional creature comforts when going on a picnic, all of those things will affect the appropriate size for your picnic totes. Additionally, whether you prefer to pack temperature sensitive or shelf stable foods will affect whether or not strong insulation is important to you in picnic totes, and whether paying for that particular upgrade is worth it in your mind.

What Is Your Personal Style?

Aesthetically speaking, the wide variety of picnic totes is definitely a fashonista’s dream. Whether you’re looking for something crisp and classic, sleek and modern or bright and funky, there are picnic totes that fit precisely what you’re looking for. When purchasing a tote, don’t just think about what goes in it; think about what’s going to go outside of it as well. The sorts of clothes you wear, the sorts of napkins, flatware, plates and other accessories that will make up your picnic spread, and the picnic blanket you usually use for this sort of outing are all serious things to consider from a style standpoint. By choosing something that coordinates both with your look and your lifestyle, anyone who goes on a picnic with you will be suitably impressed by your setup.

Don’t let the wide variety of incredible, fun, beautiful, and functional picnic totes overwhelm you into not being able to make a decision. With a little bit of critical thinking, visualization, and consideration of other suitable tasks for your tote, the right one will jump out at you in no time flat.


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