Choosing the Right Picnic Baskets

| March 19, 2011

Having a picnic can be an excellent way to enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner with that special someone, but it can also be a great excursion for the entire family. Picnics are fun, relaxing and give you the chance to get away from everything without actually taking a week off work. However, to enjoy your outing to the utmost, you need to make sure you have the right option in picnic baskets. What should you know?


One of the first considerations here is the size of the basket. This is best determined by the number of people that will be going on the picnic. For instance, you will find small picnic baskets designed for just one person. Of course, there are also two-person options, as well as those designed for an entire family. You’ll find options that can supply dinnerware and food for up to six people, in fact. One of the best options here is to have more than one basket – one for those romantic occasions and one for larger outings.

Empty or Full

Another important consideration here is whether or not you want to purchase an empty basket, or one that comes with all the items you will need on your outing. For instance, you will find that many picnic baskets come with silverware, plates, cups and even napkins. However, there are also empty ones that allow you to use your own dinnerware. The choice here is up to you, but there’s something to be said about eating on a set of matching dinnerware that doesn’t have to be pulled from your own cupboard.

Construction Material

For most people, the traditional image here is one of a wicker basket. However, there are other materials available. While wicker might be the most traditional option, you will also find picnic baskets made of cloth, as well as those with metal frames and more.


If you will be carrying warm or cold food and drink on your outing, then choosing a basket with insulation is a good idea. However, these are not necessarily the right choice for everyone. You’ll need to consider the different styles and designs available, both with and without insulation, before making a choice for your needs.

These considerations will help ensure that you are able to choose the right basket for your needs and help you have the best picnic possible.


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