Collapsible Coolers on Wheels Make Outdoor Events More Fun

| March 14, 2011

When hard-sided coolers with wheels were introduced to the market, buyers inevitably rushed to purchase them because of their convenience and portability. But although hard-sided coolers on wheels are durable, they take up a lot of storage space, and they’re not altogether stylish or chic. Because storage space is a premium in most households, a new idea had to be devised.

Today, collapsible coolers on wheels are available online. They’re not only more attractive, but also take up much less space. Whether you enjoy tailgating or relaxing at outdoor concerts with friends, you’ll find that this kind of cooler is made for you.

Like its predecessor, this new style of cooler is large and leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about messy spills and stains getting everywhere. And because it’s on wheels, you can roll it anywhere you please. If you are prone to back or neck problems, it’s especially important to use rolling carriers and luggage whenever possible, so that you don’t aggravate your spine anymore than you have to.

You’ll find that some designs even come with fun accessories, beyond ordinary plates and utensils. Some collapsible coolers include a cutting board and cheese knife, just in case you want to cut fruit or cheese on the go. Many styles also offer corkscrews and spill-proof salt and pepper shakers, making your job of packing the cooler that much easier.

With the price of food at carnivals and outdoor events today, it only makes sense to try to pack a portable carrier whenever possible. By packing your own meal, you’ll have foods that you like and foods that fit into your diet plan. All too often, trying to order dinner or a snack at a food counter is very disappointing, because the choices are fatty, salty, or full of unnatural ingredients. Why not circumvent the dilemma and pack something with a little more nutrition?

Whether you’ve got a family reunion coming up, or you just want to picnic in the park more often, collapsible carriers can save the day. They expand to hold beverages, and the insulation ensures that cold foods will stay cold all day. Because they’re stylish, you won’t be embarrassed to haul around your food anymore. And if you frequent the Farmer’s Market, you’ll love to have a carrier on wheels for all of your purchases.


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