Coolers Aren’t Just For Keeping Things Cold

| March 14, 2011

Despite their misleading name, coolers don’t actually have anything that reduces heat in their walls; instead, coolers are insulated containers that work to keep the outside temperature from affecting the inside. The same principle that keeps your coffee or soup hot in a thermos works in a cooler to keep your beer cold at the football game. There are a wide variety of fun and fanciful insulated coolers on the market today, and they go way beyond just keeping your drinks frosty and crisp.

Personal Lunch Coolers

Whether you’re looking to bring homemade sushi or a container of piping hot pasta to work, a well insulated cooler will have you covered. Lunchbox styled coolers are incredibly popular now, especially with kids— the nutritional problems with the hot lunches served at schools across America have been all over the news, and more and more parents are opting to send their children to school with a packed lunch. These days, however, home lunch is a far cry from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich plopped in a brown paper bag with an apple; parents are doing everything they can to make nutrition fun and exciting to their kids, and that includes choosing foods that interest and challenge their children’s palates. By choosing personal lunch coolers over paper bags, the variety of foods that are safe to send to school with your child go up significantly, as do the chances that your child’s friends will be green with envy when they see your son or daughter’s awesome lunch bag and the deliciousness inside.

Cooler Backpacks

The more active you are, the more calories you burn— and burning more calories means that you’ll probably be hungrier than your more sedentary counterparts. If you’re an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman who loves to hike, boat, climb or fish, then a cooler backpack is exactly what you need in order to bring a little luxury and refinement into the Great Outdoors. These multitasking backpacks usually come with dishes, flatware, and even salt and pepper shakers— all of which pack up easily and are specially designed to be light weight. Catch some fish in the river and then cook them at the campsite, but be able to dine on real plates with real silverware and wrap up the leftovers to take home! All without having to carry your cooler in your hands.


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