Create a Romantic Surprise Picnic for the One You Love

| May 7, 2012

The idea of picnics evokes images of peaceful summer days in beautiful outdoor settings. What could be better for a romantic date with someone special in your life? There is one thing that will top a romantic picnic and that is a surprise romantic picnic. Whether you have only been dating someone for a short while or are hoping to spice up a relationship you’ve had for years, your partner will appreciate your initiative and creativity.

Planning the Event

How will you keep the picnic a surprise? There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest way is to set up a picnic in your own backyard. This way you can create the perfect atmosphere ahead of time. This also allows for complete privacy. Set up creative lighting if you are planning an evening picnic. Add music, candles, and other elements that will lend themselves to a romantic atmosphere. If you live with your partner, plan the picnic on a day they will be out of the house during the day. When they arrive home, meet them at the door with a glass of wine or champagne and lead them out to the backyard picnic you’ve set up for them.

Another option is to ask a close friend to help out with your plans. Make it as easy as possible for your friend by getting everything together ahead of time. All they will have to do is lay down the picnic blanket and picnic basket in the designated spot a short while before you plan to show up with your date. This will ensure that your date has no idea what you are up to since showing up with a picnic basket will be a dead giveaway of your plans.

If you plan on having the picnic at a destination that isn’t convenient for a friend to drive to, you can still ensure that the experience is a surprise by purchasing a picnic backpack. These backpacks are insulated and include compartments for picnic food. Your date will never know what’s in the backpack. Take your date on a hike that ends in a romantic picnic set in an ideal spot that offers a great view. Your date will be surprised as you pull out a picnic blanket, a bottle of chilled wine or champagne, gourmet cheese, a baguette, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and other romantic food items that are perfect for the occasion.

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