Don’t Forget All Your Picnic Supplies

| March 12, 2011

Having a picnic can be an incredibly fun and relaxing way to while away the afternoon. Nothing’s better than finding a beautiful, remote location and turning it into your own private restaurant, with almost all of the amenities you would find in any eating establishment— and all the fun, privacy, and relaxed atmosphere of eating outside. If al fresco dining is what excites you, be sure that you have everything you need in order to make a magical, stress free outdoor dining experience happen for you and your guests.

Make Sure You Have A Compact Picnic Set

When it comes to picnic supplies, nothing is more important than having a good, solid picnic set. Instead of having to lug around paper plates and plastic flatware in a plastic bag, a compact picnic set combines all of the dishes and silverware you could possibly need for your picnic. Supplies can be unwieldy or clumsy to carry, but sets tend to strap, buckle, and zip everything into a neat, small space in order to make them easier to carry. Incredibly well organized, these little picnic savers often include luxurious extra details, such as salt and pepper shakers, wine bottle openers, cheese knives and servers, small cutting boards, and more.

Think About Where You’re Going To Sit

One of the most important picnic supplies you can bring is something to make sitting outdoors more comfortable. Even if you’re planning on sitting on the beach, lawn, or forest floor, it’s important to at least pack a thick blanket you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. That way; your bodies are a bit more cushioned than they would be otherwise, and if the ground is slightly muddy, musty, or otherwise unpleasant, it’s the blanket that gets dirty— not your clothes. A specialized blanket tote from a website or store that sells picnic supplies might be your best bet; typically, these totes are easy to fold up, sport a waterproof backing that helps the longevity of your picnic blanket, and a soft, fashionable top that stays warm and soft, no matter what the surface is like underneath.

Don’t let an otherwise lovely picnic be sidelined or sidetracked by a lack of picnic supplies. By remembering to pack a compact picnic set, you’re ensuring that you will have the silverware, dishes, and other amenities you need without having to hunt them down from multiple locations, and the blanket ensures a comfortable meal. Just don’t forget the food!


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