Eco-Friendly Wicker Picnic Baskets for Eco-Chic Couples

| March 29, 2011

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or you’re looking for a gift to give a “green” couple, eco-friendly wicker picnic baskets are one small way to make a difference. By buying an earth-friendly picnic carrier, you’ll not only help the environment, but also reduce your exposure to carcinogens and dyes.

Just what should you look for in wicker picnic baskets to determine if they’re eco-friendly or not? First, look for a carrier that is made from all natural, renewable resources. Ideally, the carrier itself should not only be eco-friendly, but also its accessories.

Most wicker picnic baskets now come with their own utensils and plates. Bamboo plates, forks, spoons, and knives are environmentally-friendly and totally functional. Some carriers also include a cutting board, which should also be available in bamboo.

Some wicker picnic baskets include wine glasses. If you’re buying a style that includes glasses, look for wine glasses made entirely from recycled glass. If napkins are included, look for ones made of natural materials.

The lining is also important, so look for a material that is free of AZO dyes. AZO dyes are no good for you or the environment, so it’s worth it to find a lining that is free of chemicals.

If you care about preserving the planet, you’ll do whatever you can to make wise purchases, no matter how small the purchase is. Although being “green” is not about being perfect, it is about buying eco-friendly products whenever possible. And fortunately, even something as small as a picnic carrier is now available in an eco version.

In almost all circumstances, what’s good for the environment is also good for you. Clean air, clean water, and clean soil are good for everyone. Who prefers known carcinogens over a safer alternative? When you’re on a picnic, you want to enjoy fresh air – and you want to know that your carrier didn’t contribute to pollution in any way. By finding a carrier that’s green from top to bottom, you can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing.

Whether you’re a veteran eco-geek or you are just beginning to pay attention to your purchases, you’ll discover that an environmentally-friendly picnic carrier is just as attractive as one made from nonrenewable resources. In the past, eco products were often bland and boring, but not so anymore. Find an eco basket today.


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