Enhance Your Picnic Event with Kids Games

| March 23, 2012

The outdoors is a great place to hold a child’s birthday party or other get-together. In addition to serving up great picnic food, children will love burning off energy with exciting outdoor games. It is important to bring a few organized games which are prepared ahead of time so that you are able to fill the day with lots of fun.

Treasure Hunt

This game takes more preparation than the rest but can be a great amount of fun for all participants. Treasure hunts are versatile games that can be created any way you choose. In general, you will divide the children into manageable teams and set a goal for them. For example, you might choose to give out a string of clues that will lead them to a final object. Start by handing the first clue out to all of the teams. The next clue should be available to all teams when they discover the first clue. For instance, the first clue might be to find a small yellow flag that you’ve put somewhere which is relatively easy to find. The next clue will be attached to the yellow flag and so on. The goal of each team is to be the team that finds the final object first.

Blanket Volleyball

For a game that takes less planning but that is just as much fun, blanket volleyball is a great choice. Divide the children into two teams, preferably 4 or more per team. Each team will surround their own blanket and hold onto each corner of the blanket (and other parts of the blanket if there are more than 4 people per team). The volleyball should then be placed in the center of the blanket. The team with the volleyball on their blanket will rest the blanket on the ground and then quickly lift it into the air so that the ball propels into the air toward the other team. The other team must then try to catch the ball with their blanket and then pass it back to the other team in the same way.

Traditional Picnic Games

You can’t go wrong with traditional picnic games that have been popular with children for many years. Games such as sack races, three-legged races, and water balloon tosses have been popular with kids for many years. After the picnic, it’s a good idea to begin with less active games such as a water balloon toss or a treasure hunt. Once everyone has had time to digest their food, it’ll be time for games which require more movement.

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