Enjoy Your Wine Under the Stars

| March 27, 2011

There is a particular gift that is gaining in popularity for several very good reasons.  If you are trying to think of something for that special someone, you should consider looking at the different wine totes that are available.  With wine totes, you and your loved one can enjoy your wine anywhere at any time.  There are several different designs from which to choose, but all of them will include everything you need to really enjoy your time in the outdoors.

Most wine totes have room for more than one bottle of wine, which means that you won’t need to end the party before you’re ready.  These are perfect for a trip to the beach or a night concert under the stars.  Wine totes also include the corkscrew, bottle stoppers, and stemware, too.  If you are planning to invite several people, you can find wine totes that are capable of carrying three or more bottles of wine.

The different designs serve several purposes, so it just depends on what you’re looking for.  Elegant baskets are available, with space for a bottle of wine, two glasses, and any necessary accessories.  If you need more room than that, you can find a larger basket or find a tote bag that will fit more than one bottle.  Perhaps you want to carry a chilled bottle of wine with you?  If this is the case, you can choose one of the cooler bags that are available.  These are lined with insulation and have room for an ice pack to keep everything nice and cool inside.

The designs also range for aesthetics, too.  If you do not prefer the classic wicker look, you can also find cloth bags that still have all of the trimmings.  There are also metal cases that give a sleek and collected look to your wine tote.  If you plan to carry yours for a long distance, there are backpacks that have plenty of room for several bottles, as well as places to store snacks and even a picnic blanket.

Take a look at the different wine baskets, bags, and totes that are available and start planning a special night with your friends or loved ones.  You will be amazed at how efficient these carriers are.  In no time at all, you will be planning a different night out with your wine tote every day of the week.


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