Enjoying Capture the Flag at a Picnic Event

| March 26, 2012

Picnics are a great way to unwind, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and to enjoy invigorating outdoor games. Capture the Flag is an excellent game for large picnic groups. Children and adults alike will enjoy the competition that involves capturing the other team’s flag while trying to avoid being tagged.


To play Capture the Flag, you will need a decent-sized playing field in a park, on a beach, or other location that offers plenty of space. Plan ahead by finding a location that isn’t typically crowded on the day you are holding the event. Use a relatively small field for games involving younger children and a larger field if only adults will be playing.


You’ll need two large groups for this game. While it is possible to play with as little as 3 players on each team, it is ideal to have about 6-10 players on each team. Try to divide up the teams in a way that gives each team a fair chance of winning.

Playing the Game

Use 2 flags or items that can be used in place of a flag such as a towel or a t-shirt. Place the flags on opposite sides of the playing field. Use a tree branch, a chair, or a similar object to hang the flags from. The objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag without being tagged. Players that are tagged are sent to “jail” and are, therefore, removed from the game. The first team to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it safely back to their side of the midline without being tagged wins the game.


Players who are tagged must remain in jail for an indefinite period of time. In some versions of the game, players in jail may be freed by their own teammates through a “jailbreak.” For this scenario to occur a player’s teammate must reach the opposing team’s jail and tag their teammate in order to free them.

Moving Flags

Many different versions of Capture the Flag have been created over the years. In some versions of the game, if the flag is captured by the opposing team but that player gets tagged while attempting to run back to their border, then the flag is staked into the ground wherever that person was tagged. This allows teams to slowly make progress until they are finally able to get the flag to their side and win the game.

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