Exciting Winter Picnic Games

| March 28, 2012

Cabin fever has led many people to seek ways for getting outside in the winter to enjoy the crisp air and company of friends and family. Winter picnics are now becoming a common answer to this issue. In addition to hot cocoa, sandwiches, and other picnic fare, outdoor winter games will spice up the occasion while keeping everyone warm. As you begin to think of all of the outdoor games that are possible in the winter, you will discover that you have as many options as you would in warmer months.

Rope Tow

Rope tow is a game which shows that games normally played during the spring, summer and fall can be a whole lot of fun during the winter. To play this game, create a long, wide midline in the snow. Divide into teams with each team grasping onto opposite ends of a thick rope. Whichever team is able to pull the opposing team over the midline wins the game!

Create the Biggest Snowball

If the snow is right for making snowballs and you will have plenty of room and snow that will make this game a great deal of fun. With at least 2 players on each team, the goal is to roll the largest snowball possible. When all teams are unable to roll their snowballs any longer, the judging can begin. The team with the largest snowball wins.

Flag in a Snow Stack

For this game, you will need a piece of white fabric and a stick or similar object. Tie the fabric to the end of the stick and designate one person to plant the stick in the snow with the fabric above the surface of the snow. It is important to set up proper boundaries to limit player’s movement. Everyone else should cover their eyes or turn in the opposite direction so they cannot see where the person is hiding the flag. Since the fabric is white, this will give everyone a significant challenge. The first person to find the stick wins the game.

Snowball Target Practice

Create a target with a bull’s eye and additional target lines using a sturdy piece of cardboard. Each section of the target should represent a different score. Attach the target to a tree or another object that holds the target up firmly. Create a line in the snow and have everyone takes turns standing behind the line while aiming snowballs at the target. The person with the highest score wins.

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