Experience Something New with a Rooftop Picnic

| April 20, 2012

If you live in a city and would like to set up an untraditional picnic event, consider a rooftop picnic. Many cities offer plenty of options when it comes to rooftop space. This type of event can offer an incredible experience with a great view of the city and an opportunity to share a relaxing time with friends, family and coworkers.

Finding a Rooftop that Will Suite the Occasion

If you don’t live in a building with an accessible rooftop, ask your friends and coworkers if they have any ideas. You may find that someone you know has the perfect location in mind for your picnic. If you are planning a romantic date, you may be surprised to find that even small rooftops that at first don’t look like an ideal solution can be perfect environments. With a few Tiki torches, candles, or other lighting, a bottle of wine, and great food, you will be able to create a memorable evening that your date will cherish.

For larger events catered to a larger number of people, you may find that you can rent out a rooftop space. There are many city rooftops that are set up beautifully with plants, picnic tables, and other items that will lend themselves well to a picnic event.

Preparing for a Rooftop Picnic

Since you will be carrying all food items, beverages, and other picnic supplies to the roof of a building, you don’t want to forget anything in your car or at home. You also don’t want to open your bag to find that beverages or food has spilled all over the place. There are insulated compartment coolers or picnic baskets that will make things much easier for you. In addition, carrying a picnic basket along will assist in creating the picnic atmosphere you were hoping for. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on, napkins, and utensils. To add to the atmosphere, be sure to bring along music which can be played quietly in the background.

See Your City from an Entirely New Perspective

You may enjoy your first rooftop picnic experience so much that a new hobby will be born. Exploring your city’s rooftops will offer you a new perspective on the area as you experience a bird’s eye view of the city landscape. Enjoying delicious food with great company on city rooftops is a fantastic way to enjoy your leisure time.

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