Finding the Best Spot for Your Picnic

| January 12, 2012

The picnic spot definitely has a big impact on the picnic experience picnickers will have. From tailgating at the football coliseum to beach-side barbecues, the picnic spot is certainly the most important variable that contributes to a memorable picnic experience. Don’t forget that no two picnic spots are the same and deciding on one can either make or break the picnic experience. Continue reading and learn from the tips on how to find the best spot for your picnic.

Who are you having the picnic with?

Are you going picnic with your friends or family? Whoever you are going picnic with, it’s important that you consider your companion. If you are having picnic with kids, then it might not be a good idea to have the picnic in the middle of the mountain or woods. It can be boring on the other hand to have picnic with friends in the middle of a park.

What’s your purpose?

What’s your purpose for having the picnic? Is it to relax and obtain solitude or to be enchanted and impressed by the city’s urban mosaic? Of course, if you are seeking solitude, you should not choose the city center as your picnic spot as this area is filled with noise and commotion. On the other hand, if you would like to go somewhere with a majestic view, then it’s a good idea to feast on the peak or top of a hill or a summit. If you choose this spot, you also have to consider your physical ability as you should be in shape to get to the top of the hill or summit.

The Weather

Since picnics are done outdoors, it is just right that you consider the weather in the picnic spot you are considering. There are also other elements that must be considered and these elements require preparations that are more than just watching the weather report. If you are planning to have a picnic in mountainous areas, then you have to prepare for the cold setting. On the other hand, if you are planning to have a picnic on a low-lying ground, you have to prepare some appropriate footwear as you may encounter standing water.


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