Fun Picnic Activities for Children

| November 17, 2011

Picnic is without a doubt a kid’s activity. Thus, it’s just right that you prepare something that children are fond of doing. Sitting, eating and chatting alone won’t really give the kids what they look forward to in a picnic. If you are planning to have a picnic with your children, you’ve got to read on and learn about the different fun picnic activities to prepare for your kids.

1. Kite Flying

The grassfield makes a perfect place for a picnic. This gives enough space for laying out blankets and serving food. However, if the grassfield is big enough, it’s a good idea to prepare some kites for your children and engage them in kite flying.

2. Board Games

Not because picnics are done outdoors means you can no longer play indoor games like board games. Bring along with you some board games on your picnic. Invite your kids to play board games with you after meal. Just make sure you choose a board game that your kids can play and will enjoy playing.  Be sure to also choose board games with heavy or wooden board and pieces because paper or light pieces are not good especially if it’s windy.

3. Animal Watching

Picnic with children is a great opportunity to watch animals like birds, squirrels and other animals that interact with humans so it’s very easy for your kids to spot these animals even without your help.

4. Races

Races can be a perfect source of fun and physical activities for your children. It’s even better if you can have races before a meal to increase their appetite.

With the fun picnic activities for children mentioned above, there is no doubt that your children won’t stop asking you about when the next picnic is scheduled.

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