Great Uses For Wicker Picnic Baskets

| March 30, 2011

Wicker picnic baskets are an iconic and functional component of the picnic meal. Modern wicker picnic baskets are not just wicker containers; they often contain, not just food, but all the tools and supplies you need to set up a picnic for a small group, or perhaps only two.


The natural use for wicker picnic baskets is just what it says on the box: take it on a picnic. Newly designed picnic baskets are full-featured portable lunch sets, including such clever items as the collapsible cup, folding silverware, and attractive blankets to lay out the picnic on.

Although they are not as well-insulated as the coolers that have become popular with children lately, wicker baskets are light and sturdy, so they continue in use.

Flower Arrangement

A bundle of sunflowers, tulips, or daisies makes a lovely home ornament with wicker picnic baskets. Simple place a container of water inside the picnic basket and lay out your flowers inside the wicker picnic baskets until they fall into an attractive arrangement spilling out of one or both trapdoor sides

Fireplace Supplies

What better way to celebrate your fire than by sitting too close! Wicker picnic baskets remind you of what you can do safely. They are great places to keep containers of matches, starters, tinder and kindling. Be sure to keep your fire supply-filled basket well away from the actual flames, or you may get into a situation that’s too hot to handle! It is best to keep it low and a generous distance away. In an emergency, you could even burn the wicker.

Laundry Organizer

Remove the lid and handles from your favorite wicker picnic baskets, and keep them in your laundry area or wherever you dress and change clothes. Use the basket to store small laundry – the sort that will need special attention to sort out, including socks and underwear. It makes laundry easier to have your small pieces sorted out beforehand. If you have multiple baskets you can use them for different people or to separate colors.

Easter Basket

Wouldn’t your kids love a picnic for Easter? Even if the weather still prohibits, you can pack your wicker picnic baskets and have a picnic indoors. The children will love it when you bring out a basket full of candy and brunch food, topped off with a supply of eggs and colors to decorate with. It will be a big hit.


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