Have Your Hands Free with Picnic Backpacks

| March 23, 2011

When you are taking your family on a picnic, there are times when you will have to make several trips from the car to the site.  There may be small children to carry, portable barbeque grills to transport or even extra food in a second basket.  To avoid all of this and have a hands-free walk, one alternative that is available is to use picnic backpacks to carry some, or even all, of your picnic supplies and food.

Picnic backpacks are some of the newest items to hit the picnic market and can be counted as some of the most versatile picnic supplies.  You are able to carry a large number of items, hands free, and still navigate to the hardest-to-reach picnic sites.  Many times, there are sites that require you to use your hands for climbing or even to help you traverse steep inclines, but putting your picnic items in a backpack can help you solve the problem of having your hands full when trying to reach a particular destination.

There are a large number of picnic backpacks available and they came in all different colors and sizes.  There are packs for single dining, for a quiet evening alone, or packs for families, where you can carry plates, cups, silverware and other essential items in one convenient pack.  There are even smaller backpacks for children, allowing them to carry some of their own items, making the picnic experience special for independent-minded children who want to help.

Many picnic backpacks feature an insulated inner liner that allows you to transport cold or hot items, without losing the proper temperature.  This is ideal for transporting drinks, since many of the backpacks are large enough to handle up to twenty four cans of your favorite beverage.  They are also lined with plastic to help you avoid the leaking that could happen if transported in a traditional nylon backpack.

There are even specialty backpacks that convert into a more useful form once you have arrived at your destination.  One example of this is the stadium backpack that converts into a padded seat cover, with an outside pocket to hold your favorite drinks and snacks.  This is a great example of a multipurpose item that can be used in a variety of situations.  It can even be used when going on a traditional picnic, allowing you to have a comfortable seat even on the hardest surface.


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