Having a Picnic in Your Own Backyard

| April 23, 2012

Sometimes the best place to have a picnic is in your own backyard. Doing so provides you with the convenience of being close to your kitchen so that preparing food and setting it up for guests is much easier. A backyard picnic can be especially convenient if you are hosting a children’s party or have several small children yourself. This allows you to keep a close eye on everyone in a safe environment. In addition, you will have all of your games and other equipment on hand to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Setting Up a Backyard Picnic

If you plan to have a picnic in your backyard, you still want make the picnic as special as possible. Prepare ahead of time by mowing the grass so that guests can comfortably sit on picnic blankets and children can run around freely in the yard. Create a picnic atmosphere by bringing food out in picnic baskets and setting up backyard games.

Evening Backyard Picnics

If you have the space for it, setting up a picnic bench in your backyard surrounded by outdoor Tiki torches will create a fun, magical evening with friends and family. Consider citronella fuel in the torches to keep bugs away. If it is legal to set up a fire pit in your neighborhood, this would be a great addition to your evening picnic. You can also purchase a contained fire bowl if you’d prefer to not dig a hole in your backyard. Be sure to bring out marshmallows, which are a great way finish off your picnic.

Backyard Picnics for All Occasions

Backyard picnics can be set up for any number of occasions. If you are searching for a birthday party idea for one of your children, they are sure to love a picnic in your backyard. Set up balloons and other decorations to make the occasion more festive.

For a romantic picnic, create a relaxing atmosphere with a picnic blanket, an elegant canopy to provide shelter from the sun, a bottle of wine, and great picnic fare. This offers a great way to show off your cooking skills and to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the one you love.

Depending on how much space you have in your backyard, you may even be able to host larger picnic events for friends, extended family members, and coworkers as there exists an endless amount of possibilities for backyard picnics.

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