Helpful Picnic Tips

| December 2, 2011

Before you set out for your picnic, ensure that you’ve got everything you need. In addition to our list of essentials for a perfect picnic, here are a few tips to help make your picnic planning fast, fun, and easy:

  • Keep extra condiments from fast-food restaurants and drive-throughs in a drawer in your kitchen, just for use on picnics! It’ll save a lot of room in your cooler or insulated food compartment.
  • Help your thermos keep food cold or hot longer: For hot food, place the thermos in boiling water just long enough to heat it up well, then fill it (carefully – be sure to let it cool down enough to the touch so it won’t burn your skin). For cold contents you could place it in the freezer, or in some ice before packing.
  • Recycle your plastic bags from the grocery store for use as garbage bags on picnics.
  • If you don’t have cold packs or don’t feel like stopping for ice, you could always just clean & sanitize some empty soda or water bottles, fill them up with water, and freeze them. Not only will they keep your food cold, but at the end of the day you’ll have ice cold water to drink.
  • Antibacterial hand gel is always a great thing to have on hand, especially when having a picnic after a hike or other outdoor activity. Use the unscented variety so it won’t affect the flavor of your food.
  • Make sure the location of your picnic is safe. Some sites look pretty and inviting, but have been declared ‘off-limits’ to picnickers and hikers in order to protect wildlife, vegetation, or due to safety hazards. Don’t picnic in unauthorized areas or feed wildlife – check for any signs that may indicate whether the area is permissible for picnic use.
  • If you’ve got children with you, you’ll want to bring along some toys, games, or plan activities to keep them occupied. Some good ideas are kites, Frisbees, beach balls, ping pong rackets, plastic horseshoes and bubbles. You could also bring along butterfly nets, bug jars, binoculars for nature observation, and jump ropes. You could also choose a picnic site according to whether it will be appropriate for kids – like a playground or park.
  • Always check the weather before heading out – you won’t want to get caught in a storm while in a remote area where it might be dangerous.

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