How To Choose Picnic Blankets That Are Right For You

| March 12, 2011

Taking a picnic is something people do from the time they’re children until they’re old and grey. They remember to pack the most delicious food items, such as turkey sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies. Of course, how could you forget your canned Coca-Cola? Then there are napkins and utensils that must go in the picnic basket with everything else. What’s one thing that many picnickers forget? A picnic blanket!

Like picnic baskets, picnic blankets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. When you’re at the sporting goods store, faced with shelves upon shelves of picnic blankets, how do you know which one is right for you? You want a blanket that you’ll feel comfortable sitting on and that can keep your tasty meal clean.

It’s important to think about the size of the many blankets that are in front of you. It’s never fun to take a delicious meal to a beautiful spot and then waste the day on a blanket that not everyone fits on. You can find blankets that are more than fifty inches long and sixty inches wide, which is plenty of room for you and a friend to sit on. Taking more than just one person on your picnic? That’s okay too! There are also picnic blankets that feature enough room for several people to have a meal together. Make sure the blanket that you buy has enough room so that everyone who is sitting on it can have a place to put their plate and move around.

Even if you’re going on a picnic on a seemingly dry day, the grass could very well be wet with dew or other moisture. Although there are a lot of really large, comfortable picnic blankets on the market, a lot of them are not water proof or even water resistant. One that is will keep you and your food dry.

It’s also good to consider a blanket that can be thrown in the washing machine. After a day on the grass and getting food dropped on it, your blanket is going to be dirty and wet. To avoid getting mold and mildew on your new blanket, it’s best to purchase something that you can put in the washer immediately as you get home.

All things considered, don’t forget to purchase a blanket that is comfortable! Stay away from fabrics that itch and irritate your skin.


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