How to Choose Picnic Supplies

| March 28, 2011

When deciding on a great outdoor dinner, one of the first things that comes to mind is a beautiful picnic on a green field with the entire family.  This is a great idea for a family outing, but without the correct picnic supplies, your entire dinner or lunch can be ruined.  Not having any plates or cups, having your cold food get too warm or your hot food get too cold, or even having the wrong basket, can destroy a perfect family gathering.

The first consideration when choosing picnic supplies is the number of people who will be eating during the picnic.  You should include dishes, drink containers and silverware for the entire family.  You should also decide on how you are transporting the food to the site, whether it will be carried in a basket or stacked in a cooler.

If you have small children who need to be carried in a hike to the picnic site, than another alternative to the picnic basket is a picnic backpack.  These items serve the same purpose as the older style baskets, but leave your hands free to carry the cooler or even a small child who may have problems walking to the site.  A backpack is an ideal alternative for anyone who needs their hands free when taking food to their picnic.

You should also consider what you are going to use for a table cover.  If you are eating on the ground, then a good picnic blanket is an ideal investment.  Even if you are eating on a picnic table in a public park, the blanket can help provide some protection from the possible germs left on the table by the previous guests.  It can also protect from the leavings of forest animals, which may have been on the table before you arrived.

There are even specific picnic supplies to take when you are serving wine or coffee during your picnic.  These containers usually have a shoulder strap and come insulated to keep your coffee hot or your wine cool, during the trip to the picnic site.  Many of these items have a specific use and you should only purchase the one that will be used by your family.  If your family does not drink wine or never takes coffee on a picnic, then there are other options available.  A cooler is a great idea when all you are taking is cold drinks.


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