Insulated Coolers Keep Your Food Fresh and Cool

| March 23, 2011

Summer outings are always very popular. Families get together and head to the beach or to the park or woods to reconnect and have picnics. Just about everyone loves picnics, and when the snow and cold weather finally dissipates, they start hankering for some great time in the outdoors. Of course, it is very important that you plan your outing properly and have everything that you need. That means that you need to have more than just plenty of food and drinks for your family. You also need to have insulated coolers to keep everything fresh.

Consider the types of food that you are going to be taking along with you on your cookout or picnic. If you have any type of meats, potato salad, macaroni salad, or any other perishable food, then you need to have insulated coolers. You might be surprised at just how quickly some types of food are going to be able to spoil on a hot day. To make sure that your insulated cooler is able to keep the food nice and cool, it is a good idea to add a freezer pack (or two or more depending on the size of the cooler). You should also make sure that you only bring as much as you are going to eat. It isn’t a good idea to save leftovers after a picnic.

The freezer packs are going to last longer than the ice, and you will find that the cleanup is much easier. It might also be a good idea to have more than one of the insulated coolers. You can keep your perishable food in one of them and your drinks in the other. Because people are going to be reaching in for drinks more often than food, this makes sure that the cooler with the food stays cool much longer. All of the opening and closing lets the cool escape!

If you are carrying meat along with you, make sure that you don’t let it sit in the coolers for too long. When you cook the meat, always cook it thoroughly. You may find that brining along a meat thermometer in your picnic basket can help you make sure that you cook everything thoroughly.

You will be able to have a great time with the entire family when you go on your cookouts and picnics over the summer. Just make sure that you have some great insulated coolers to keep your food in great shape through the day!


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