Keep Your Drinks Cool on Sunny Days

| March 14, 2011

Most people take picnic lunches and dinners during the summer months, when the hot sun can take a toll on the food and drink that has been prepared.  Of course, enterprising picnickers will often pack a bulky cooler with lots of ice to keep the cold food and drink from spoiling, but if you plan to have a lot of people present, a large cooler can be a bit of a pain.  Fortunately, the picnic supplies keep evolving, and there are now picnic coolers that are perfect for those summer days.

Picnic coolers are designed to be light and portable, so you don’t need to worry about straining yourself as you traipse from the car to your picnic spot.  No matter how large the cooler, you can be sure that it has been designed with ease in mind.  Some picnic coolers are created to carry on your back like a backpack.  These are lined with insulation and often include an ice pack to keep things chilled for hours.  There are totes that can serve the same purpose while also holding a few bottles of wine.

If you are planning a larger get together, you can find picnic coolers that will hold more than a dozen drinks.  Many of these are on wheels and have handles so you can pull them along behind you.  They are made of lightweight materials, too, so you don’t need to worry about lugging the drinks and the cooler around.  This is especially refreshing when the temperatures of the day start to soar.  Anything that makes your picnic easier and more fun for you has to be a winner.

Best of all, these picnic coolers will include everything that you could possibly need for your meal in the outdoors.  Many packs will include cups or glasses, as well as the silverware and plates that you’ll need when you eat.  The coolers designed for carrying wine often include corkscrews, stemware and bottle stoppers.  The creators of these picnic accessories have left nothing to chance, which means that you can throw your meal together in record time now.  With just one or two packs, you can serve up a meal and cold drinks for four to six people without ever breaking a sweat.  If you haven’t considered updating your picnic supplies, choosing picnic coolers really is a great place to start.


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