New Designs and Styles of Insulated Coolers

| March 31, 2011

Picnics are a fun outdoor event that can be made even better by taking cold beverages or fresh fruits and cheeses. The best way to store these items is in insulated coolers. Manufacturers are focusing on creating new insulated coolers with a variety of interesting new features and convenient styles and designs. In the past, most coolers were just a large, bulky plastic crate that could not be easily transported but did succeed in keeping beverages or other products cool when supplied with enough ice. Newer devices are being created with the consumer in mind.

One of the newest designs in insulated coolers is the backpack variety. This cooler is constructed with additional pockets and storage compartments to make organizing your outing that much simpler. On top of that is the easily managed design that allows for easier transport than a traditional cooler. The only drawback of this kind of cooler is that it is carried on the back and so the choices can be kind of limited as to how much you can carry.

If you need a larger cooler to store more beverages, the market has just what you need. Insulated coolers on wheels with a handle (almost like a rolling suitcase) are a great way to bring your favorite cold foods along. These coolers are also equipped with pockets and areas to store different items so you can keep foods separate from drinks – particularly if you have a food that is easily crushed, like chips or sandwiches, in with your beverages.

Wine coolers are also available, and some are equipped with the glasses, bottle opener, and storage compartment for one to two bottles of wine or champagne. A wine cooler can be used on the beach or on a date for a memorable evening. If you need these coolers for a sporting event, you can find a smaller, more compact version that will be easy to carry as you move through the stadium. If you are an avid camper or hiker, there are insulated coolers in backpacks that will ensure that your water and food products stay cool and are conveniently stored in a compartment that you can carry on your back. Or perhaps you want to spend a restful day in the park picnicking and playing games, there are coolers designed with this specific purpose in mind. The market for picnic products like insulated coolers is expanding rapidly so if you do some research, you will probably find exactly what you’re looking for.


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