Old School Wicker Picnic Baskets Bring Charm

| March 12, 2011

Picnic baskets have really evolved over the years to include everything from stylish backpacks to sleek totes.  No matter where you’re going or whom you plan to spend time with, there is a bag, pack, or basket that will do the trick for you.  If you’re still hanging onto yesteryear, however, there are plenty of wicker picnic baskets from which to choose, though you still might find a few new tricks in these classic carriers.

If you’re planning a picnic with friends and loved ones, you might be tempted to drag out the old basket that you inherited from your grandmother.  These are lovely, wooden baskets that may or may not have held up over the years, and they certainly can do the trick of carrying your food.  You might want something a bit more up to date, though.  If this is the case, you can check out any of the new wicker picnic baskets that have been created lately, and I guarantee you will be surprised at all they have to offer.

Even when keeping the old charm, these new wicker picnic baskets bring exciting efficiency.  Where you once may have needed to gather your own plastic utensils, cups, and plates, the new picnic baskets can include all of these for you.  Every basket has a special space or pouch for each accessory, from the tiniest fork to reusable plates.  You will never need to pack a separate back of supplies before heading out for your meal.

These new wicker picnic baskets are also exceptionally attractive.  You will find that most are lined with beautiful, bold fabrics that lend whimsy and color to your day in the sun.  If you’re hoping for something sleeker, you can select darker colors with muted lining.  The designs and sizes that you choose really do depend on where you plan to take your picnic.

Take a look at all of the new baskets before you decide to stick with the old school wicker, though.  You might find that you’re pleasantly surprised with the backpacks and totes, and these can offer ease of carrying that the traditional basket can’t.  You’ll also be thrilled with the amount of food and supplies that you can carry with you when you step outside the wicker box and select something with a bit more style and substance.  And if it’s just not for you, the wicker picnic baskets will always be there.


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