Picnic Backpacks Are A Great Alternative To Baskets

| March 22, 2011

While baskets are the fun, whimsical, traditional way to store and transport everything you need for a delightful picnic, they are far from being your only choice. Picnic backpacks are gaining in popularity, thanks to a sturdy, hands free design. These picnic baskets appeal to hand holders, hikers, and horsemen who enjoy dining al fresco. So how do you know If a backpack is right for your picnic needs?

Picnic Backpacks Take You Off The Beaten Path

Movies and television shows will often show you characters having an idyllic picnic on the top of a cliff overlooking a sleepy town or dramatic vista, or on an abandoned beach, or even occasionally on top of a building in the middle of a city. Of course, what the movie or television show rarely films is the trek to that romantic, isolated location. If a place that beautiful happens to be empty, chances are good that it’s because that place is pretty difficult to get to. Walking on many beaches is sort of like walking in quicksand; carrying a heavy picnic basket in one hand will slow you down. Likewise, hiking without your hands free to catch you can be a dangerous proposition, and if you’re planning any daring acts of urban wall-climbing, you won’t have room in your hands for your champagne.

By trading in your picnic baskets for picnic baskets, you’re ensuring your ability to actually make it to all of those wonderful, idyllic, isolated locations that make for truly memorable picnic experiences— without worrying that you might drop your basket and lose all of its contents on the way there.

Great For Camping

Of course, afternoon picnics with your spouse or loved one isn’t the only way to use picnic backpacks. They’re wonderful for camping, and many styles of picnic backpacks come with services for four or more people. Bring a little bit more elegance and comfort to your camping experience without sacrificing too much of the feeling of really roughing it; pack the usual camping foods, but the wine cooler, non disposable dishes and real flatware can make a camp out cookout feel more like a real family meal.

So unless you only picnic at Shakespeare In The Park, consider replacing that old picnic basket with one of the new state of the art picnic backpacks. Their versatility and ease of use make them a great alternative to traditional picnic implements.


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