Picnic Baskets for All Occasions

| April 15, 2011

For hundreds of years, people have enjoyed picnic-style gatherings. Historians believe that picnics were first enjoyed by the wealthy when elaborate traditions of moveable outdoor feasts took place. Such gatherings began with Medieval hunting feasts. During the Renaissance era, from the 14th century to the 17th century, people celebrated picnic banquets. Perhaps the basis for our modern-day picnics were the Victorian garden parties of the 19th century. These days, picnics are so popular among many groups of people that there are numerous accessories for this leisurely activity to choose from. One of the most important accessories is the wide range of picnic baskets now available.

Many people love the idea of carrying along a traditional wicker picnic basket. Wicker baskets create a feeling of nostalgia for the simple living of the past. These days, there are numerous styles of traditional wicker baskets to choose from that do not compromise on extra features. Currently on the market are wicker baskets that are reminiscent of the past, but that include such features as insulated lining which will keep food fresh and beverages cold. Many also include various compartments, some for bottles of wine and others for dry foods.

For those interested in wicker baskets because they are better both for the environment and for the health of those using them, there are baskets available that are made from renewable resources and that are AZO free. AZO pigments and dyes, often used to color plastics and textiles, can be both toxic and carcinogenic.

Picnic baskets are made in different sizes depending on how many people you plan to bring along. If you prefer to find peace and solitude by going on a picnic alone, there are picnic baskets specifically made for a single person. Of course, such baskets can also be used to carry your personal lunch to work. If you have a large group, consider a picnic basket designed for several people, or take along a few baskets.

There are numerous insulated picnic baskets in all shapes and sizes to choose from. For easy storage, opt for a collapsible basket. For a romantic wine and cheese outing, there are picnic baskets made for two that include a storage unit specifically made for wine.

Once you’ve found the perfect picnic basket for your special occasion, pack it with your favorite food and beverages and grab a blanket. Find an outdoor setting to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with your friends and family.


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