Picnic Baskets Make Great Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

| April 11, 2011

Your mom loves getting outside and doing things when the weather’s right. From her garden, to the hiking trails near her home, she is always looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors. With springtime right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to pack up a meal with her and find a spot for a nice picnic. After all, picnics are relaxing, and a great way to enjoy beautiful weather with friends or alone. Her birthday is looming and there is no better gift for someone who loves to picnic than a picnic basket.

Picnic baskets allow picnickers to easily carry their meals from home to their destination. Many baskets are simple, like the traditional ones that you might see when you’re watching an old movie. Others are much more intricate and modern. Everyone has their preference, so if you are not too sure which one might be the best gift for your mom, you should educate yourself on which types of picnic baskets are available for purchase.

The first basket is the conventional, wicker basket. It might be made of rattan or bamboo and you may even imagine it lined with a homey red and white blanket. These types of baskets really make a picnic feel like it’s supposed to feel: simple and fun. They’re also very durable and can be purchased empty or with utensils, such as forks and spoons, already included. This eliminates the need for your mom to bring her nice silverware out on the picnic.

There are also contemporary picnic baskets available to you. These lightweight but sturdy baskets are comprised of polyester and unlike the traditional variety, they usually zip for safe keeping. Many of these newer baskets are even insulted so that they are able to keep your food and beverages cold. It can certainly be a hassle to carry a classic basket for long distances because not only do you risk spoiling your food, the wooden handles are not exactly made for transport. However, modern baskets replace wooden handles with adjustable, padded straps that make it easy to carry your picnic supplies.

If your mom’s favorite picnic spot is a little further out in the woods, consider a picnic tote. These picnic baskets are made for long travel and they feature pockets, which keep all picnic utensils and food arranged properly. They are also insulted for safe food storage.


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