Picnic Blankets and Mats Add Protection and Comfort to Outdoor Gatherings

| April 15, 2011

For over six centuries, picnics have been a popular way to celebrate a variety of occasions. Before hunting excursions in 14th century England, people would gather for outdoor feasts. From that time forward, celebrating with food and company in an outdoor setting has been common around the world. While modern-day picnics bear closer resemblance to outdoor feasts of Victorian times than to pre-hunt gatherings, we currently have so many innovative picnic supplies available to us that preparing for such get-togethers is far easier than in the past. Just consider the number of picnic blankets and mats currently on the market.

Picnic blankets are an essential item for outdoor gatherings that involve sitting in the sun and enjoying good food. They provide an area for you to set food in a place that is less likely to be invaded by insects or dirt. Once the picnic is over, it is easier to shake off dirt or sand from a blanket than from clothes and individual picnic supplies. In addition, picnic blankets and mats allow having an outdoor gathering that is far more comfortable than sitting on the bare ground.

Most modern picnic blankets and mats are waterproof. Wet sand or grass can quickly make things uncomfortable. Finding a durable, waterproof ground covering can make all the difference between a relaxing day out and one that is less enjoyable because of a damp ground, insects, or factors blankets can provide a barrier from. Blankets and mats can be water resistant or completely waterproof depending on your needs and climate conditions.

Carrying several items for a picnic can prove to be a hassle unless you prepare beforehand. There are one-piece blanket totes that simply unravel for use, and then roll up and securely close for easy carrying purposes.

Blanket sets can be purchased which include cushions. There are sets such as this that can be zipped up to form a cushioned mat or that can be used as a full-size blanket by simply unzipping.

As you can see, you can greatly personalize your blanket purchase based on your picnic needs. As another example, If you wish to buy a blanket that is ecofriendly, consider purchasing a fleece blanket that is free of harmful PVC materials. No matter what size or style blanket or mat you are seeking, there are numerous choices currently available.


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