Picnic Blankets for Every Occasion

| April 12, 2011

When most people think of picnic blankets, they picture a plaid blanket spread over the green grass of a peaceful field.  They also picture the blanket having to be carried folded into quarters, with the edges snagging on every branch they must walk past to reach their site.  After the picnic, they also have images of the blanket being full of grass, leaves and twigs and being wadded up to be tossed into the trunk of the car.

Older picnic blankets have always been known to soak up water and to be hard to clean.  They have to be washed and will start to smell if left in the car for too long.  With the newer blankets on the market, this is not always the case.  New blankets have a back lining of plastic that prevents moisture from soaking into the blanket from the ground.  They also have a built in carrying case that allows the users to quickly and efficiently roll or fold the blanket for storage and transportation.

The picture of the old plaid blanket is also an item from the past.  You can still get plaid blankets if you are feeling nostalgic, but there is also a wide variety of colors and patterns available.  Many of the new picnic blankets even come in colors that will help them appear clean if exposed to the harshest conditions.  Blankets in browns will not show the dirt and blankets with patterns can help cover marks that may be made while using them on rocky surfaces.

Transporting your blanket is also much easier now than before.  One new feature that may help you, when deciding on a good ground cover to carry with you for your picnic, is that some blankets come with a built-in storage device.  Many of these blankets come in some form of rolled shape that includes a carrying strap or can be attached to a backpack.  Others actually come in the form of a backpack, which is then unfolded to reveal a blanket that will hold the entire family and their food.

There are even unique picnic blankets that are made for sporting events or tailgating parties.  These usually consist of a chair cover that has padding to make the seat more comfortable and a blanket built into the back of the cover.  This allows you to sit comfortably on the hardest of surfaces while still being able to stay warm with a nice, soft blanket.


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