Picnic Blankets: They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

| April 2, 2011

Years ago, there weren’t many smart options in the way of picnic blankets. Because you were limited to basic designs that stain easily, you would have to frequently throw your coverlet or blanket out and buy a new one. If the ground was damp, you would almost certainly find yourself not only with a wet backside after your picnic, but also a ruined blanket. Because it’s so tricky to keep your outdoor blanket clean, perhaps you resorted to using an old, unattractive sleeping bag for your little outdoor meal.

Things have changed, and now there are a range of new features and fresh options in picnic blankets. The result is a better overall picnic experience. Just what are some of the updates?

1. Some picnic blankets now offer built-in pillows. This feature makes it fun to take a nap in the shade, or watch the clouds float into the sunset. From star-gazing to lazing, pillows make it more comfortable to relax and let all your cares drift away after your meal.

2. Manufacturers have gotten smart about making picnic blankets that are waterproof. Most styles offer an upper side that is soft and fleecy, while the reverse side is comprised of waterproof material. If you prefer a more eco-friendly option than PVC, some styles offer non-PVC backings. No matter which style you choose, the upshot is a dry picnic. If the ground is dirty or damp, a waterproof design can make all the difference, and it’s much easier to wipe off and clean.

3. What could be better than picnic blankets with padding? If you take picnicking seriously, you’ll want to find a style that offers a cushioned inner layer. This ensures a soft place that you and your family can sit and lounge for hours. A padded blanket or mat is especially ideal if the ground surface is hard or bumpy.

4. Whether you choose a blanket or mat, it’s easier than ever to keep your blanket neat and organized. Because you can fold it right up into a tote with a shoulder strap or handle, you can keep it stored in your car for easy access.

Whether you’re planning a tailgating party or an event on the beach, there is a blanket that will make your party more comfortable and enjoyable. And if you enjoy camping or you like to frequent summer concert events, a picnic mat is a must-have.


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