Picnic Coolers Are The Coolest Picnic Accessory

| March 24, 2011

One of the most difficult things about planning the perfect picnic is choosing food that happens to be appropriate. Since picnics are, by definition, outdoors, and they take some amount of travel time to get to, food temperature is a bit of a tricky issue. The best foods in life are best served either hot or cold, but not at room temperature— and many foods go bad if kept at a higher temperature than they’re supposed to be, even for a few hours.

Picnic coolers solve this problem, but unfortunately, coolers have a bad rap for being clunky, hard, and ugly. Fortunately, we are already into the second decade of a brand new millennia, and living in the future has its advantages. Here are just a few features of today’s picnic coolers sport you probably weren’t aware of.

You Can’t Even Tell It’s A Cooler

Many of today’s top picnic coolers more resemble a backpack than the typical camping cooler, and like backpacks and other totes, they come in a wide variety of fabric styles, colors, and shapes that are fun, functional, and nice to touch. The only way that you could possibly tell that these incognito picnic coolers are actually coolers is by enjoying the ice-cold drinks, cool chicken salad and whatever else you’ve packed snugly in its temperature controlled core.

There’s More To Picnic Coolers Than Meets The Eye

Of course, there’s more to picnic coolers than simply keeping your drinks cold. Many of today;s finest coolers play double or triple duty; some come with everything you need to have a bottle of wine and some cheese (except for the bottle of wine and the cheese). You don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate wine glasses, silverware, cheese set and serving platter because they’re all built in to the cooler! If wine’s not your thing, many picnic coolers come with dishes and flatware, and some even boast a radio for some mood music as well. Finally, if you’re bringing your cooler to an old fashioned tailgating party, concert or public event, there are even coolers that transform in to stadium chairs!

Don’t let your preconceived notion of what picnic coolers are make you think that they are items with limited style options and limited uses. More and more people are discovering that coolers can do everything picnic baskets or totes can do, and keep your food and drinks at the appropriate temperature, as well!


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