Picnic Supplies for a Traditional American Outing

| March 25, 2011

Picnics have been a traditional way for Americans to enjoy the outdoors for several centuries. However, picnics are a personal experience that can vary greatly. Whether you’ll be enjoying sandwiches, soda and beer, or ethnic cuisine that reflects the traditions of your own family, having quality picnic supplies can make the occasion go a lot more smoothly allowing you to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

With our modern-day conveniences, having a picnic is easier than ever. The innovative designs of picnic supplies such as picnic baskets, totes, and backpacks make carrying supplies less of a hassle. For instance, consider the numerous picnic backpacks now available. With padded straps, partitioned storage units, and insulated lining, carrying food and beverages long distances is far more convenient.

For those who enjoy more traditional basket-style packs, there are many wicker baskets available that do not compromise on function. For instance, if you plan to bring along beverages that need to stay cool and that come in glass containers that could break without protection, there are wicker baskets that include fully zippered insulated compartments that are padded.

Picnic supplies geared towards insulating coffee or tea are plentiful. Whether you prefer a backpack or tote bag-style insulated carrier, there are several of these to choose from. Bags designed to hold coffee or tea mugs along with insulated beverage containers will keep your drinks hot for hours.

Don’t forget a comfortable picnic blanket or several blankets to accommodate you and your guests. Consider bringing along a mattress pad or similar cushioning for added comfort. Napkins and hand wipes are a must as picnics can be messy affairs. Paper plates and utensils are important essentials. To save money and resources, there are now environmentally friendly plastic plates and utensils that are heavy duty and can be washed and reused for an indefinite amount of time.

Other essential picnic supplies might include a can opener, a sharp knife, scissors, and a bottle opener. Sunscreen and sun umbrellas might be a good idea if you’re heading out on a hot, sunny day. Nothing can ruin a good picnic more than pesky mosquitoes. Bring along bug repellant just in case.

Take your time to plan the occasion with care and you’ll be able to relax when picnic time arrives. With food and drinks, quality picnic gear, and good company, you will be set to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors.


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