Picnic Supplies that Everyone Must Pack

| April 14, 2011

Packing for a picnic is like packing for a vacation: If you have everything you need, your affair goes off without a hitch. But if you forget something, you end up wishing that you took the time to prepare a little better. If you’re the type who loves a checklist, this guide to picnic supplies is for you.

  • If you buy a modern picnic basket or backpack, most of the utensils and accessories you need will already be included. Many contemporary baskets come with their own forks, knives, and spoons, as well as plates, cups, and napkins. Some come with a small cutting board in case you need to dice something. If you have one of these convenient baskets, you’re half way there. If not, you’ll need to gather and stash your utensils in a carrier.
  • You’ll want to pack a few grocery bags with your picnic supplies. You’ll need bags to put your dirty dishes and utensils in when the meal is over, and it’s no fun to make a mess in your pretty basket. If you’ve got a lined basket, this issue is less of a concern. Lined carriers are easy to wipe clean, and insulated carriers ensure that your food stays the proper temperature.
  • Look at what kinds of dishes you’re packing: Do you need serving spoons or forks? If you’re packing finger foods, you won’t need to worry about this detail, but most people pack a potato salad or other similar dish.
  • What will you sit on? Make sure that your blanket is large enough for everyone. Better yet, there are blankets designed specifically for outdoor use, in case they get soiled from the dirt. If you prefer to sit elevated from the ground, there are portable picnic tables that are compact and easy to transport.
  • Pillows are perfect for gazing up at the sky after your meal is finished, so include a couple in your picnic supplies. You’ll want to spend hours just watching the clouds go by.
  • Wet wipes are perfect for cleaning your hands before you eat, particularly for kids. You don’t want to eat finger foods with sandy hands!
  • Sunscreen with insect repellent will ensure that no one goes home with a sunburn or bug bite.
  • With these picnic supplies, a good time will be had by all, provided the weather cooperates for your outing.


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