Picnic Totes are Fun and Stylish

| March 12, 2011

When you are planning a picnic this spring, do you want some way to transport all of your food and supplies without having to haul unsightly coolers or plastic bags? Too many times, you may find yourself forgetting something at home while you pack items in more than one bag or you may have to deal with the frustrations of storing the bags on breezy days. Just transporting the food can put a strain on the whole excursion. Alternatively, you may be using a cooler that is most likely not very attractive and can be quite unwieldy if it’s a large one. It would be nice if there was a more attractive, stylish alternative would it not?

Picnic totes are a modern update on the classic picnic basket, providing you an easy way to transport everything you need for your excursion without having to carry anything unsightly or unwieldy. You may be thinking that the picnic totes may not provide much space to carry everything that you need, however, there are a variety of sizes and designs to make it easy to find one with the right amount of space.

Picnic totes for two are designed to provide insulated space for plenty of food for two people. In addition, they also include side space with all the right storage area for plates and utensils for a couple. These totes make it easy for you to plan the perfect getaway picnic for two. You can even choose a number of styles, designs and colors so that you can choose a tote that includes a dash of your personal taste.

If you are more interested in a romantic picnic, then you could consider wine picnic totes. These totes include insulated space for one or two wine bottles along with cheese or fruit to make the excursion as romantic as possible. Many of the wine totes include space for glasses and even utensils as needed.

When you are looking for an easy way to transport your picnic items without the hassle of a cooler or the unsightly grocery bags, you can consider picnic totes. These totes are stylish, fun, and spacious enough to provide you with room for everything you need for your picnic excursion. Whether you want a general tote or one that is designed to carry something special like wine, you can find plenty of picnic totes that will service the purpose perfectly.


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