Picnic Totes for Outdoor Dining

| March 21, 2011

Picnic totes provide an alternative option to the traditional basket. Usually made out of different materials that are more modern, and oftentimes more weatherproof, they offer a convenience element that’s quite attractive to some picnickers. They also come in a variety of sizes and with the capacity to carry many different items. High quality totes can provide many years of service, no matter what type of conditions they’re used in. These items also come with enhancements such as insulation and specific areas for carrying items such as spoons, forks, knives and plates.

Many picnic totes are designed to take the place of the picnic basket. This means that they’re usually quite large, and that they’re capable of serving a large number of people rather than just a couple. There are designs that are comparable in size to the smaller picnic baskets favored by those who are just out for a romantic dinner in the fresh air, as well. One of the primary differences between a picnic basket and a tote is the convenience of carrying totes and the fact that many of the totes are made out of materials that are flexible enough to allow them to be comfortably carried over long distances against your body.

As an example, if you’re on an urban adventure, there are picnic totes available that allow you to take a thermos of coffee and all the other fixings needed to make a great cup of java anywhere you happen to be. These are popular with those who like to head down to the park to read a book and with those who have a lot of hiking to do, but who do not need to carry a meal with them. Good insulation ensures that, whether you’re carrying a hot or cold beverage, it stays the same temperature that it was when you put it in the bag.

Picnic totes are also great choices if you plan on doing quite a bit of hiking before you sit down to eat. Many of them are provided with straps and other carrying gear that allows them to be thrown over your shoulder or to be carried like a backpack. This makes it a lot easier to take your meal with you if you have a considerable distance to travel. It also helps make them more weather resistant than most wicker picnic baskets or other traditional designs.


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