Picnic Totes Go Cutting Edge

| April 11, 2011

If you haven’t been shopping for picnic baskets in while, you’ll be surprised to see how many modern designs are now on the market. Some picnic baskets aren’t even shaped like baskets now – instead, there are now picnic totes, backpacks, and other newfangled carriers. These innovative styles are hot because they are so versatile and comfortable to carry.

Just what kinds of features differentiate picnic totes from their predecessors? One new variety of tote comes on wheels. Just as wheeled luggage is more convenient than heavy suitcases, wheeled picnic totes are so much easier to transport. Whether you’ve got to walk a mile to your destination, or you tend to over-pack, wheels make for a much lighter load. Some of the bags pop right off a trolley system so that you can carry them for other activities.

If you don’t need a tote on wheels, then you may wish to consider a design that at least offers shoulder straps. Lugging around a heavy basket that’s piled high is no fun for anyone, but a tote with reinforced shoulder straps will ensure that your load is safer and easier to carry.

If you love enjoying wine in the great outdoors, there are now wine and cheese picnic totes. These bags are ideal for anyone who wants to transport bottles of their favorite Pinot Noir without shattering the glass. Some designs come with a hardwood cutting board, cheese knife, and corkscrew, so you’ll always be ready for a romantic trip. With plenty of room for cheese and bread, you’ll have plenty to eat and drink.

Do you like to keep your cold items separate from the rest of your meal? If so, you’ll appreciate a tote that offers two layers. The bottom level is a waterproof cooler, while the top level of the bag is for everything else. You can keep your fruit and drinks icy cold, while keeping everything else at a different temperature in the upper layer.

With linings that are simple to clean, these bags aren’t your grandma’s picnic baskets. With so much practicality, you can use your totes for a variety of occasions – they’re not just for picnics anymore. Some people use their tote at the Farmer’s Market or for carrying groceries home. Baskets and carriers have completely morphed from the olden days – they’re more convenient, stylish, functional, and sensible than ever before.


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