Picnic Totes Offer an Alternative to Plastic Grocery Bags

| April 2, 2011

An increasing number of people and companies are becoming aware of the damage plastic grocery bags can have on the environment. As a result, there are numerous businesses which have banned the use of plastic bags altogether. Responsible grocery stores often offer only recycled paper bags or will give discounts to those customers who bring in reusable bags such as picnic totes.

Plastic bags do not biodegrade, which means that they end up in landfills where they take an estimated 1,000 years to break down. Even then, the particles from plastic bags will continue to pollute our waterways and the soil. Before the bags actually make it to the landfills, they litter our natural habitat and clog waterways. Many thousands of marine animals and birds die each year due to ingesting plastic bag pieces that they mistake for food. In addition, the production of plastic bags requires a tremendous amount of petroleum and other resources. All these reasons might lead one to consider using picnic totes or other reusable carriers as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

When people make the conscious switch to reusable bags, such as cloth bags or tote bags, they often find that such carriers are easier to use than flimsy plastic bags. Most of us have brought groceries home in a plastic bag only to have the handles break or to have the bottom or sides of the bag tear open. Sturdy cloth bags or carriers made from recycled materials offer a more reliable container to bring our groceries home in.

There are many people who have been discovering the benefits of modern-day reusable picnic totes. As the name suggests, these can be used for picnic outings. They can also be used to bring lunch to work or school, and often include insulated linings to keep food fresh and beverages cool. There are others designed to carry several food or specialty items. For instance, if you are shopping for bottles of different wines, there are picnic totes that are compartmentalized to safely hold several bottles at once. Other bags are designed to hold a large amount of food items and include pockets for accessories such as your wallet, keys, and ID. They might have insulated pockets for items that you wish to keep cold on your way home from shopping.

As more people catch on to the benefits of using reusable bags, the problems associated with plastic bags will diminish. Businesses work to please their customers, so as we opt for more environmentally friendly carriers, more will likely follow suit and only offer sustainable bags.


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