Picnics Don’t Just Come in Baskets

| March 13, 2011

You probably think of little wicker baskets when you think of picnics in the park with your family or friends.  The iconic picnic basket can certainly still be found if that’s what you want, but there are several other ways to carry your dinner with you into the great outdoors now.  Aside from some seriously decorative baskets made of several different types of material, you can also find picnic totes that might just be easier for you to manage.

If you do go the traditional route, you might be surprised at the style and substance that goes into picnic baskets lately.  No longer the plain little wicker baskets, these are now often made of plastic or other durable materials.  There is usually a colorful lining, as well as pouches meant for any type of accessory that you might bring with you.  These are not your parents’ picnic accessories, either.  Instead of plastic utensils and cups, you can now buy a full set of reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware to carry with your picnic items.

While the basket certainly lends and air of nostalgia, it might not always be practical.  Honestly, the picnic totes are often just easier to carry, with sleeker designs and longer handles that will fit over your shoulder.  Many people believe that the picnic totes will carry more food and utensils, which is probably the case.  You can also find these bags decked out for an evening of wine beneath the stars, if that’s what you prefer.  The different styles of bags and totes available range from full dinner picnic bags to something just large enough for light snacks.  The totes that are ready for a night of wine tasting will also include a corkscrew, stemware, bottle toppers, and a secure pouch for the bottle or bottles of wine.

You can also find picnic totes for larger groups.  These will be perfectly designed for easy of carrying.  Many are fashioned into a backpack, which will easily take the strain off if you need to carry your food for some distance before you can sit down to dinner.  There are also several totes that come with a handle and wheels, which can be perfect for serving at a larger party.  You really might be surprised to know just what’s available for your next picnic, but you won’t know unless you take a look!


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