Planning a Romantic Picnic

| December 2, 2011

Are you trying to come up with the perfect plan to sweep your loved one off their feet? Having a romantic picnic under the stars can be a wonderful way to bond with your significant other, if you plan it right. Planning a romantic picnic for two is easy if you think ahead – be prepared with these tips.

A good picnic would not be complete without a quality picnic basket, and to impress your date, look for excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. A Wine and Cheese Basket is a great solution for picnic dates – they often come complete with wine glasses, cheese boards & knives, corkscrews and cloth napkins. Little details like these add a touch of sophistication, and will give the impression that you have spent a lot of time and effort planning this special picnic. It also saves you the time and expense of finding and purchasing each item separately. You’ll also want to have a pair of picnic chairs, or a good waterproof picnic blanket to sit on.

Finding a great spot is easy if you think creatively. No stunning natural scenery nearby? No problem – you can still have a romantic evening even in your own backyard. Hang strings of lights from the trees, create a canopy out of out of fabric, and bring out some pillows to get extra comfortable. You could come up with a theme – for instance, Indian style with saris, bright colors and curried dishes. Private balconies are another solution, if you live in an urban location. On rainy days, lay a blanket out on your living room floor or on a covered porch and arrange plants and candles to get that outdoor feel. And, remember that those little romantic details are the finishing touch that will make the evening special – bring a vase of flowers and a radio, or make a mix CD of your favorite love songs to play from the car stereo.

Plan a delicious meal that will be easy to transport and clean up after. Hot wings and potato chips have their place, but for a romantic evening you may want to try for a more elegant meal. A simple platter with a variety of cheese and fruit is visually stunning as well as delicious. Take a cue from the French, and bring along a fresh baked baguette with some brie and grapes. Create a Mediterranean feast with tomato & basil bruschetta, tortellini salad and calamata olive spread with crackers or pita. If you’re pressed for time or aren’t a great cook, just drop by your local grocery store and pick up a loaf of French bread, some cheese, a rotisserie chicken and a bottle of white wine. You could even call your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meals ala carte. Choose something that will have minimal last-minute preparation and clean up; you want to focus on having your sumptuous meal and sipping your glass of wine or champagne while relaxing and above all, enjoying each others’ company. Along with food and beverages, make sure you remember other essential picnic items that should be included.

The most romantic element of a picnic is often the element of surprise! Show up at your loved one’s door with a single rose, or pick him up after a long hard day of work with your picnic basket packed and ready to go in the car. You could pack your basket and place it at your chosen location before picking up your date, and surprise them by pulling over and ‘finding’ the basket. Leave a beautiful invitation to have a special evening together at her home or work, not telling her what’s in store. There are so many ways to implement spontaneity into your romantic picnic for two, making it all the more enjoyable and memorable.

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