Relaxing Family Picnic Games that Everyone Will Enjoy

| April 9, 2012

You are planning a leisurely outdoor excursion with your family. In addition to bringing along everyone’s favorite picnic food, you can enhance the event by planning a few game ideas as well. The games that you choose will depend on where you will be having the picnic and the different ages of your family members. The following are a few games that everyone will enjoy.

I Spy

This is a fantastic game for young children and a game that is best played in the outdoors. Have each family member takes turns in choosing an object that they can see from their picnic blanket. For instance, they might choose a green ball that is resting on the ground in the distance. They would then say, “I spy something green.” Everyone who is attempting to guess what the object is will take turns making their guess until someone gets it right.

The Telephone Game

Prepare for this game by coming up with long picnic-related sentences such as, “This picnic with my family is so much fun but I hope that it doesn’t begin to rain and turn my sandwich into mush.” Next, have everyone sit in a circle. The first person will pick out a sentence from the container of sentences and then whisper it to the next person in the circle. Have everyone whisper the sentence to the next person in line. The last person in line will then retell the sentence as best as they can to the whole group. In most cases, the sentence comes out garbled and everyone enjoys good laugh.

Duck Duck Goose

Of course, children and adults alike need to burn off some energy after a big picnic meal. The game of Duck Duck Goose is a classic game which has withstood the test of time. To play, have everyone sit in a circle. One person is chosen to walk around the outside of the circle while tapping each person on the head. As this person lightly taps each person, they say “Duck.” That person decides which person will next be the Goose by tapping them on the head and saying, “Goose.” The Goose jumps up as quickly as they can and chases the person that tapped them around the circle trying to tag them. If tagged, that person must sit in the center of the circle until someone else is tagged. If the former Goose is able to make it back to the present Goose’s seat, then they can stay in the game and the new Goose is now “it.”

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