Revitalize Your Marriage with a Romantic Picnic

| May 11, 2012

When couples start out in a relationship, they often go to great lengths to come up with creative and exciting ideas for dates. Unfortunately, it’s common for couples to fall into a less-than-fulfilling routine once they get married. If you are searching for a romantic date idea to reinvigorate your marriage, a picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting is the perfect solution.

Romantic Picnic Food

Since you are married, you have the advantage of knowing what your partner loves to eat. Steer away from dull, everyday meals by putting some effort into the picnic meal plan. Bring along a bottle of champagne or your partner’s favorite wine. Visit a gourmet shop for quality sandwich items. You can keep it simple by purchasing a block of high quality cheese and a crusty French bread. Dark chocolate, cheesecake, fresh cut fruit, and similar desserts will also serve as great additions to your meal.

Set the Atmosphere

Setting up a picnic on an old blanket, using paper cups for wine, or bringing food in a plastic bag are things that will not lend themselves well to a romantic picnic. Instead, take the time and effort to find a classic wicker picnic basket, a nice picnic blanket, and be sure to bring along real wine glasses. Find a picnic basket that includes wine glass holders and insulated compartments for gourmet food items. This will keep the food fresh and will keep the glasses from breaking.

Choosing the Location

Try to find a picnic spot that offers some degree of privacy. For instance, a secluded area on a beach or in a park works well for romantic picnics. In some cases, public spaces with lots of people can also offer a romantic setting. For example, an outdoor classical concert is an ideal setting for a romantic date and a picnic. Be creative and choose a location that best suits the personality of the one you love. If your partner loves theater, find out if there will be an outdoor theater performance in your area and set up a picnic for that occasion. If your partner loves the city, set up a picnic on a landscaped rooftop that will offer you a bird’s eye view of the city.

There are endless opportunities for creating romantic picnics that will help strengthen the love you share with your partner. Taking the time and effort to plan a picnic is a great gift that anyone will appreciate.

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