Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

| May 14, 2012

A romantic picnic on a beach, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or at another isolated location is the kind of date that just about anyone will enjoy. When planning a picnic with the one you love, you can plan a simple meal that is easy to carry in a picnic basket but that offers something different than typical picnic food. For these special occasions you must forget about bologna sandwiches and potato chips. The idea is to add to the romantic atmosphere by including a number of delicious finger foods and a tasty beverage.

When planning a romantic picnic meal, you can’t go wrong by bringing French made food items. Pack your picnic basket with a French baguette, cheese, pates, fruit, sausages, and gourmet French wine. These simple finger foods will be easy to pack and to serve when spread on a blanket at your favorite picnic location.
When it comes to romantic picnic food, there is an endless array of options. You may have your own gourmet food ideas that are specific to your nationality. Bringing along some of your favorite foods that were a tradition in your family is a great way to share an important part of yourself with your date. It is important to make sure that whatever food items you bring along, they are easy to pack in a picnic basket and practical to eat in an outdoor setting.

Another romantic food idea is to order gourmet takeout. Be sure to pack this food in an insulated picnic container, and then surprise your date with this delicious meal. If you choose this option, try to be practical since many gourmet take out meals will not be ideal for a picnic setting. Choose restaurant food that is easy to pack, will not easily spill, and will stay fresh and tasty when packed well in your picnic basket.

No matter what romantic picnic food you decide on, it is essential to bring picnic items such as a picnic blanket, utensils, wine glasses, a corkscrew, plates, and napkins.

Once your meal is set up, you can be sure that the natural atmosphere will provide everything else you need to create the romantic day you were hoping for. For centuries, couples have been enjoying romantic picnics set in the great outdoors. There is no better way to enjoy a great, yet simple meal with that special someone in your life.

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