Set up the Perfect Picnic at a City Park

| May 2, 2012

Who says you have to get out of the city in order to enjoy a relaxing picnic? Many cities offer respites away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the form of city parks. After having a picnic with friends, family, or your loved one in a city park, you may view your city in an entirely new light.

Finding an Ideal City Park

If you live in a big city, there are probably many parks that you may not be aware of. If you ask around you are sure to receive plenty of advice about the best parks in the city. Look online for parks in your area or parks in other neighborhoods that may be worth the commute.

Food Preparation

Perhaps your biggest advantage to planning a city picnic is that you won’t have to do any cooking or food preparation if you do not wish to expend the time. Pick up food from your favorite deli and pack beverages for the event. If you are planning a romantic picnic, bring along a bottle of wine and gourmet food from your favorite restaurant. It is important to keep this food fresh by storing it in an insulated picnic basket. You will find that there are many great options for insulated picnic baskets or insulated coolers that will store your food separately from your beverages and other picnic supplies. Some insulated baskets or coolers even have separate compartments for hot food and cold food/beverages.

Extra Supplies

The last thing that you want to do is arrive at the park with a delicious supply of food only to discover that you’ve forgotten to bring along a picnic blanket, napkins or utensils. Create a checklist of important items before the event and then check that list before you head out for your picnic to ensure that you have everything that you need.

Depending on what type of picnic event you are planning, you may want to bring along supplies for games such as a ball or Frisbee. If board games are more your style, pack along a game that is easy to transport and set up on a picnic blanket.

After your first picnic in a city park, you will soon realize that you don’t have to leave the city in order to enjoy a picnic in the serenity of nature as a city park gives you all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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