Setting up a Romantic Surprise Picnic at a Scenic Location

| May 16, 2012

There aren’t many things more romantic than a traditional picnic with great food, wine, and a beautiful setting. Even more romantic is setting up the occasion unbeknownst to the one you love. To start planning your romantic picnic experience, read ahead for suggestions on how to set up a romantic surprise picnic which will create a truly memorable occasion.

Finding the Location

You may already have the perfect location for your romantic picnic in mind. If not, ask around for ideas. Family, friends, and coworkers are sure to have some great ideas. However, be sure to let everyone know that the picnic will be a surprise so that no one accidentally tells your loved one.

You may find that an Internet search will come up with the greatest number of outdoor locations for your picnic. If you have time, scout out a few these locations ahead of time in order to find a spot that has the most appeal.

If you live in the city, you may be surprised to find fantastic city parks that offer great views and relaxing atmospheres. If you’d rather experience a quieter, more remote location, search for areas that aren’t too far out of the city. If you live in a rural area, you are sure to find several beautiful picnic spots. Beaches, riversides, nature preserves, and other areas with serene natural settings are ideal for romantic picnics.

Planning the Event

Great food is the center of any picnic. For a romantic picnic, consider bringing along a glass of wine and gourmet food items. If you are a skilled cook, don’t be afraid to show off your cooking talents by packing a homemade meal. If not skilled in the culinary arts, order delicious takeout food ahead of time or pack quality sandwich items in your picnic basket. You’ll find that there are picnic baskets that are designed to hold wine, wine glasses, and other gourmet items.

If convenient, you might ask your partner to meet you at a certain location at a specific time. Have the picnic blanket and food items laid out before they show up to offer a great surprise. You might also consider packing everything in your car where it can’t be seen. Be sure to tell your partner that you’re taking them out to a casual dinner and then let them in on the surprise once you arrive at the outdoor location. Your date will surely love how much thought you put into creating a romantic occasion for the two of you.

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