The Best Food Ideas to Pack in Picnic Baskets

| September 26, 2012

When you are planning a picnic there are a few things that you need to think about ahead of time such as the date of your picnic and the location. Another important decision you’ll have to make is what to pack inside your picnic baskets. There are some foods like soup or ice cream that won’t work in a picnic basket. Then there are foods that seem to have been created to take on a picnic. Below are the best food ideas to pack inside picnic baskets. Next time you have a picnic try one or all of these foods and be prepared for a great outdoor meal.


When you first decide to pack a picnic do sandwiches immediately spring to mind? They are the perfect food to pack because you can put them together ahead of time, pack them without worrying about spillage, and eat them with your hands once you get to your designated picnic spot. From ham and cheese sandwiches to peanut butter and jelly you can’t go wrong packing sandwiches for your picnic.


Like sandwiches, picnic baskets are the ultimate vehicle for bringing kebobs. Kebobs are a great way to pack a punch with very little preparation. You can put almost any kind of solid food on a kebob and they will look cute and taste great. Try placing fruit, grilled meat or chicken cubes, veggies, tofu, cheese cubes, or a combination of these ingredients on your next kebob.


Fruit salad, vegetable salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, tuna salad, there is a reason why salads are almost always a staple inside well packed picnic baskets. Salads are easy to throw together and don’t require cooking or chilling. In fact, other than a traditional vegetable salad most of them don’t require dressings either.

Grilled Chicken

Packing already grilled or rotisserie chicken can be an easy way to bring a main dish with you in your picnic basket. You can grill your own chicken or pick up an inexpensive rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. If you choose to grill your own chicken you can use chicken breasts and cut them up or you can bring drumsticks or wings instead. Drumsticks and wings can be easily served and eaten during an outdoor picnic. If you buy a rotisserie chicken cut it up at home and pack up the pieces inside your picnic basket for easy transportation.

There are a variety of different foods to bring when you pack a picnic. By choosing foods that are prepared ahead of time and don’t require heating or special sauces you will make picnic planning easy, and you will also have more fun during the actual event.

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